A.S Gabès

Avenir Sportif de Gabès , often referred to as ٍِASG or Zliza is a football club from Gabès in Tunisia. The club was founded in 1978,by M. Hmad Nasfi, a local businessman. the team plays in red and black colors. Their ground is the Stade du Zrig, which the share with their ultimate rivals Stade Gabèsien or Stayda, which has a capacity of 15,000. The derby between Zliza and Stade Gabèsien is always a big event that enjoys fans of football, even in Gabès or in all Tunisia.


Stade Gabèsien or Stayda is a Tunisian football and basketball club from Gabès, founded since 1957. The club is playing in the Tunisian Professional League 1.